Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Zombie Challenge 2012!

0/12 books

Hosted by Book Chick City

I lied! I couldn't resist just one more! I'm so pumped for this one, I've started making a shelf on goodreads of books specifically for this challenge :D

I'm going to aim for:

Two Chomps: Read 12 Zombie books in 2012

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Completely Contemp Challenge 2012

2/9 books

Hosted by Chick Loves Lit

I lurveeee contemporary books so this'll be so much fun. I'm going to aim for:
3 contemporary books published in 2010
3 contemporary books published in 2011
3 contemporary books published in 2012

So that's 9 in total but I can always read more ^.^

Now that's the last challenge I swear. Omg I'm going to have to skip meals and sleep to complete all these challenges! D:

2012 Debut Author Challenge

0/12 books

Hosted by The Story Siren

There are so many debuts coming out next year that I want to read so this should be fun.
I'll be aiming to read & review a minimum of twelve young adult or middle grade debut novels between the dates of January 1, 2012 - January 31, 2013.

Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge

0/12 books

Hosted by Book Chick City

For a massive Professor Layton fan, you'd think I'd read more mystery stories. It's time to fix that! For this challenge, I'll be reading 12 mystery/suspense/thriller novels in 2012.

Young Adult Reading Challenge

8/40 books

Hosted by The Eclectic Bookshelf

I think this one won't be too much of a challenge because I love YA books and they're pretty easy to get through. I'm going to go with:

The Jumbo Size YA Reading Challenge – Read 40 Young Adult novels.

150+ Reading Challenge

12/150 books

Hosted by My Overstuffed Bookshelf

So I'm gonna try and read 150 books or more in 2012. Eek. Not gonna lie, I'm slightly intimidated by this number but if I consider the fact I'll be reading manga and graphic novels too, I think I'll be able to achieve the goal! \o/

Mount TBR Reading Challenge

0/12 books

Hosted by My Readers Block

It's slightly ridiculous how many books I have sitting around my house begging to be read so this will be my chance to get through a lot. I'm going to go for:

Pike's Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s

2012 Ebook Challenge

12/50 books

Hosted by Workaday Reads

Since getting an Ipad, I've read a lot more on there though I still love reading Physical books. I think there are upsides to both styles of reading, so I'll try and do a good mix of both next year. So I'm going to aim for:

Memory stick - 50 ebooks

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Challenge

Hosted by Man of la book

I have never read the graphic novel, seen the movie or read ANY of the original classics, so I'll be killing three birds with one stone. I'm really excited for this one.

So I'll be reading:
Drac­ula by Bram Stoker
Twenty Thou­sand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Steven­son
The Invis­i­ble Man by H.G. Wells
The First Men in the Moon by H.G. Wells
Any Fu Manchu novel
Any Sher­lock Holmes novel
Any Allan Quater­main novel
Any James Bond novel
The League of Extra­or­di­nary Gen­tle­men graphic novel

And then watching the film of course :3

Charles Dickens Month

Hosted by Fig and Thistle

I'm ashamed to say I've only read two of Dickens novels and those were for school. I enjoyed them though and I'm eager to read more of his work. I'll also probably be watching the tv adaptation (if there is one) of each novel I read too.

I will try and read Little Dorrit, Oliver Twist and Bleak House. I'd also like to read Charles Dickens: A life.

Narnia Reading Challenge

0/7 books

Hosted by Rikki's Teleidoscope

I've shockingly never read any of the Narnia books before, especially as I love the movies. I know the movies made some changes so it'll be interesting to compare. Also, Aslan is amazing so I look forward to reading about him.

I'll be reading the books in publication order:

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Prince Caspian
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Silver Chair
The Horse and His Boy
The Magician's Nephew
The Last Battle

I may also use this challenge as an excuse to re-watch the movies hurhur :3

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Intro post.

Hello to all of you not reading this! I've left this blog sitting here to gather dust long enough, so I thought I'd finally  use it. I've only recently started getting into the whole blogging scene, but I am well and truly addicted. I find myself checking for new book reviews before I check my e-mail! I'm not sure I'll be using this blog much but I plan to do a lot of reading challenges next year so I thought I'd finally sign up and have somewhere to document those :) So yep, basically I just wanted to make a post so this didn't look so empty.